1.If you don't already have one, create a PayPal account.

2.Sign Up for an AdPtz AdVenturer account here!

3.Use the AdVenturer Search Engine to find websites that are being promoted.

4.Visit one of the links of the promoted websites.

5.Located on the website you are visiting, a button with a point value should be present. Click it and earn the points!

6.Wait until the timer counts down, then visit another promoted website in the AdVenturer Search Engine.

7.Continue browsing websites until your daily limit of points is reached!

8.Every 100 points is worth $1 USD. When you reach a large enough balance, cash them in from your account, for real money from PayPal!

1.Create an AdVenturer account.

2.Login to the the Promoter Portal.

3.Create a new button in the Button Editor.

4.Specify what website your button is valid for, how many points it's worth, budgets and searchability options.

5.Paste the script it generates on your website. Make sure it is easy to find!

6.Wait for AdVenturers to visit your site and collect the points. Visitors have approximately 1 minute to spend at your site, make the most of it!

7.When your balance has been depleted, you may purchase more points to give in the Promoter Portal. Remember there is no cost to this type of marketing unless your site is actually visited! See AdPtz prices.