General Technical What browsers will AdPtz work in?

It's important to know that older browsers will not allow points to be earned using the AdPtz system. For that reason, as an AdVenturer, it is recommended that you keep your browser up to date. In general, the system is designed to work on a desktop device, but may work adequately on your tablet as well. As with most websites, you will need JavaScript and cookies enabled to use most features.

Compatible Browsers

  • Chrome 48.0.2564.103
  • Firefox 42.0
  • Internet Explorer 11.0.23
  • Safari 5.1.7 (on Windows 7)

Incompatible Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8.0.7601.17514

If you have had success, or a problem, using a different browser (or version) listed, let support know, and the list will be updated!

Beta How long will AdPtz be in Beta? Beta is expected to last until 2018. How often does AdPtz get updated? During the Beta phase, updates will be done as technical problems are discovered. There are also more features in development that will be added when they are ready. An error occurred and I am missing points!

Before contacting support, it is recommended that you investigate your History from within your account to make sure this isn't just a misunderstanding. Internet lag, or lost connections can sometimes result in misleading appearances of events that didn't happen. If you don't see a record of the point in your history, then it means you may go back and perform the action again.

How it Works Where do the points come from? Promoters purchase the points and maintain a 'Promoter Balance' of points to offer. Once their balance is exhausted, those points can no longer be given. How come I need to wait to visit another website, and have limits to what I can earn in a day?

Promoters are interested in educating you about their products, services or other important information. They want you to see their web content, so that someday you may remember it. Much like a TV commercial, you aren't obligated to care about all content you see, but in some cases, you will find something interesting enough to come back to later.

The limits are there so that the promoter knows you had a good look at what they have to offer, like a TV commercial. The difference here is that the promoter is paying you a few cents, instead of the television station.

What happens when a button no longer has points to offer, or expires?

Once a button is no longer eligible to be clicked, it will no longer be searchable. In addition, if you went back to that website, it will give you a message notifying you that it cannot earn points anymore.

Promoters should increase the point budget, or, remove the button from their website at this point.

Regional Availability Is AdPtz available worldwide?

Not yet. AdPtz is currently only available in primarily English speaking countries. If you are unable to access it from your region, let us know and we can add your country to the list.

AdPtz will be made to work in other languages in the future, in which case countries that primarily speak that language will be unlocked. Let us know if your area of the world is interested in this!

If I move to another region, will my account still be accessible?

No! Our servers are region based. If you live in New York, and move to California, you will need to create a new account for that region, as your email address won't be recognized. This is primarily for security reasons, to prevent people from accessing accounts from abroad, but also so that our servers don't get bogged down by having a single bottleneck when logging in.

If you are moving to another state, it is recommended that you cash your account out first, then create a new one in the new region. In the future, account transfer services may be provided. The region you are located in is displayed on the top right of the Explorer Search Engine when you log in..

Misc. What's an AdPtz point worth?

As an AdVenturer, 1 AdPtz point is worth $0.01 USD.

How do your pronounce AdPtz?

Phonetically it sounds like 'Ad Points'.

Where did you get the artwork for AdPtz?

AdPtz uses Twitter Bootstrap styling libraries.

Open Graph and Twitter Card imagery:

Some vector icons provided by Twitter Bootstrap styling libraries.

Some icons made by EpicCoders, Vectors Market, Alfredo Hernandez and Madebyoliver from

All other artwork is designed and property of Panther Software.

AdVenturers Signing Up Where do I sign up? Here! Do I need a PayPal account before signing up?

No, but, if you want to convert your points to money later, you will. The email address you use when signing up must match the email address you use for PayPal, whether you join PayPal now, or later. Email addresses cannot be changed later.

If you are not intending to join to collect points, but rather, you are a Promoter that wishes to access the Promoter Portal, you do not need to use a PayPal email address to log in.

Will my friend get referral points if I use a non-Verified PayPal account? No. The referral points that they get will instantly be disqualified if you sign up with a non-Verified PayPal account. It is highly recommended that you visit PayPal, and create your Verified PayPal account, before joining AdPtz. This will save you later issues cashing out your points, and will ensure the friend that referred you gets their points. Does my AdVenturer account password need to match my PayPal account password?

NO! Please make sure your AdVenturer account password is different than your PayPal password. The reason why you need a Verified PayPal email address that matches that of your AdVenturer account, is to confirm you are a real person, and to simplify depositing your funds later.

If you are familiar with PayPal, you will realize that to send funds to an individual, all you need is their email address, so that's all we need!

I created my account, but the email it sent to create my password has expired. What do I do now?

Navigate to the AdVenturer Portal, specify your email address, and click Reset Password. You will be sent an email again to set your password. Set it before it expires!

Security Why do I need a Verified PayPal account to cash my points out?

In order to avoid users from making fake accounts to earn points, we need proof you are real!

Are cookies used to remember me when I visit promoter websites? Yes. However, you can clear the cookie by clicking on a point button after it has been earned, then confirming. As well, you can disable cookies in your browsers if this is a problem. However, doing so will require you to login each time you wish to earn points, which could become very time consuming. Earning Points Why am I prompted to login while visiting a website to earn points?

If the cookie that automatically logs you in from visited websites is not present, you must login each time you visit these sites. This is probably OK if you are on a shared computer, but it's recommended that you configure your browser to allow cookies to remember this information.

Furthermore, some browsers such as Internet Explorer are known to have policy restrictions to disallow cookies within IFRAMES. Since the buttons are being served in an IFRAME on the websites they are found in, it is important that this restriction removed if you wish to earn points seamlessly.

I visited a website that now offers more points than I earned from it earlier. Can I gain the difference? Unfortunately, no. But, this goes both ways. If a website offers more points initially, but lowers it later, I'm sure you wouldn't want points to be deducted. :) Points are earned at the advertised amount at the time you click the button, regardless of future changes. How come I haven't earned bonus points for signing up a friend? This promotion, when active, requires that your friend be an active user for you to qualify for the advertised points. The promotion usually requires that they earn X amount of points before your bonus points get triggered. We want users who are highly active, not just passengers! Account Management I can't login into the AdVenturer Portal. It doesn't give me an error, it just stays on the login page, even though I put in the right password. What is going on? Some browsers, like Internet Explorer, have cookie and security settings that can interfere with forms-based websites. Consider trying a different browser, or altering your browser's settings before accessing the AdVenturer Portal. Cashing Out I would like to cash out my points using a different email address than what I originally signed up with, how do I do that?

In short, you can't, yet.

The reason your email must be that of a Verified PayPal user, is to confirm you are a real person. Otherwise it's easy for someone to make up multiple accounts and take advantage of the system.

In the future, we may allow an email address change, but this will require a linked phone number, to verify this change. However, this change is not scheduled to happen anytime soon.

Why can't I cash out less than $50 worth of points?

As a business, to keep processing fees to a minimum, we don't want unnecessary amounts of transactions to audit. An alternative would be to charge a 5% general fee on all cash outs, but this would be unfair to those with higher balances.

In addition, a 15% charge applies to cash outs below $100, so if you want to take care of minimal processing fees, it is recommended that you earn at least 10,000 points before doing a cash out. PayPal has operating expenses too.

Accounts Types What's the difference between the Bronze, Silver and Gold accounts?

The Bronze account comes free and limits daily earnings to 300 points and intervals of 90 seconds.

The Silver account costs 2500 points, extends your daily limit to 600 points and reduces intervals to 75 seconds.

The Gold account costs 5000 points, extends your daily limit to 900 points and reduces intervals to 60 seconds. If you already have the Silver account, the cost is only 2500 points.

I upgrade my account, but I still need to wait longer than expected to click buttons. Why?

The interval is measured from when the last point was clicked on the website, not when the website was launched. So, if it takes a few seconds for the website to load, then you take a few seconds to find the button, then click it, that's when the interval is measured. If you want to measure this more precisely, after clicking the point, you can switch back to the Explorer Search Engine, and click the countdown timer to reset it again, to get a guaranteed interval.

How do I reset my password?

Click the Reset Password link from the Ad-Venturer login page. You will be sent an email link that will allow you to change your password within the next 30 minutes.

Promoters Becoming a Promoter I don't manage the files for my website, can I still use AdPtz?

Yes! One of the biggest benefits of AdPtz is that you as a business control traffic 'on demand', by suspending buttons whenever you have more customers than you can handle.

Though it takes a few steps to initially set it up (with one-time help from your website person), once done, it becomes simple to turn your website traffic on and off without needing to know HTML! See the section on Creating Buttons for an explanation.

How do I become a promoter? Easy, just log into the Promoter Portal using your regular account information. I can't login into the Promoter Portal. It doesn't give me an error, it just stays on the login page, even though I put in the right password. What is going on? Some browsers, like Internet Explorer, have cookie and security settings that can interfere with forms-based websites. Consider trying a different browser, or altering your browser's settings before accessing the Promoter Portal. Do I need to be an HTML expert to put buttons on my website?

No! In fact, with a Corporate Account upgrade, you can manage staff who can update your websites for you. You can select the button options, and you can grant them access to the buttons you've made, and they can paste them in your websites!

Do I need to purchase credits to be a promoter?

Yes. See AdPtz prices.

However, there is an option to Join Promoter from the Promoter Portal, where by if you were invited by a Corporate Promoter, they may have purchased credits which they will grant you access to dispense. You must enter their Promoter Code in order to apply. Once you apply, they need to accept your application. Upon joining this promoter, you may be given various levels of authority.

Will I be penalized by search engines for using AdPtz?

No! As long as you don't explicitly ask for likes, or try to trick the search engines in some other manner. AdPtz should have no effect on your search rank. The visits to your website are supposed to only come directly from AdPtz, as an alternate means of being found on the internet. AdPtz is not a link farm, as it blocks crawlers from counting links towards your website's link count.

If you have concerns, please contact support.

Account Types What's the difference between the Basic, Professional and Corporate Promoter accounts?

The Basic account allows you to manage 3 different buttons at a time, with a maximum of 25 points allowed per click.

The Professional account allows you to manage 25 different buttons at a time, with a maximum of 500 points allowed per click. You also gain access to the 'Interests' market targeting feature that will restrict your search ability to people whose interests match those that you designate.

The Corporate account allows you to manage unlimited buttons, with a maximum of 999 points allowed per click. In addition, you gain access to the Interests feature, and, the Staff Management screen where you can invite others to manage promotions. You may apply various restrictions to your staff (such as maximum points a staff member can designate, or, if they are permitted to alter point offerings at all). This also basically permits multiple users access to the same pool of purchased points. Ideal for companies that have multiple developers and several websites that they manage.

See AdPtz prices for more details.

How does the Staff feature work?
  1. The Staff feature is only available after purchasing the Corporate upgrade from the Account screen.

    Note: Upon purchasing the upgrade, you may need to log out see the new menu option under Manager Menu>Staff

  2. To add staff, navigate to Manager Menu>Info.
  3. Click Send Code, and enter a valid AdPtz user's email address. This will mail them your Promoter Code.
  4. The Staff member should then log into the Promoter Portal, navigate to the Join screen in the menu, then enter the Promoter Code you emailed them.
  5. Once they have applied, on your end, refresh the Manager Menu>Staff screen, and you should see them on the Staff List. Their Status will me listed as 'Applicant'.
  6. Update their status to User, Manager or Administrator. A User will not have access to the Manager Menu nor the ability to see History>Purchases. A Manager has access to all features, except the Manager Menu>Info screen. An Administrator has access to all features.
  7. Set budget restrictions (optional) for how your new Staff member may edit buttons, then Save.
  8. The new staff member will need to log out and log in again, and they will now be a member of your Staff!
  9. If you set a Staff member's status as 'Removed' in the Manager Menu>Staff, then save, they will no longer have access to your promoter portal, or your point credits to offer.

    Note: This has no bearing on button data, nor website scripts. It is your responsibility to suspend buttons they may have been managing. When you suspend buttons, you should also remove the scripts from your websites too.

Creating Buttons I don't manage the files for my website, I pay someone to do it for me. How can I control my visits?

It's as easy as suspending and un-suspending your button in the Promoter Portal. However, it does take 10-20 minutes to set things up initially. Follow the steps below:

  1. Create an AdPtz account.
  2. Login to the Promoter Portal.
  3. Click 'Create a New Button'.
  4. Take your time and fill out the fields. The Points per Click, Valid Domain and Landing page must be exact. Leave the Suspended button checked (for now).
  5. Click 'Test your link' to make sure the page you want to pop up works. This is the page your customers will first see.
  6. Adjust the Button Appearance. You may need to resize it based on where in the page you expect it to appear. If your website has resizable areas, consider aligning it to one side of a box.
  7. Optionally specify Target Market options. Targeting a location is highly recommended.
  8. Click 'Save'.
  9. Copy Clipboard, and paste it in a text file. Email it to the person who maintains your website, and tell them which page, and where on the page you want the button to appear.
  10. The trickiest part is getting the button positioned. Once this is done, you now control the traffic from the Button Editor. However, do not change the button size once it is pasted on the website. If you adjust the size of the button later, you will need to re-send the HTML to your website guy. Things like Colors, Points per Click, Description, Suspended and Targeting can all be modified without needing to update the HTML. Only the size and the target page require an HTML update.
  11. In the Button Editor, you may now uncheck Suspended, and click 'Save'. Within a few hours, your website should be searchable by your target market.
  12. To disable traffic, re-check Suspended, and 'Save'.
How do I control who earns points from clicking my buttons?

First off, if your button is on your website, and a non-AdPtz visitor clicks it, there is no cost to you.

Second, if you designate your button to only be available in certain regions, interests, demographics, limited budget or duration, anyone who clicks the button will be notified if they aren't eligible for it, and no points are given.

A targeted button also won't be searchable by those that don't meet the target, but this is what would happen if someone wandered to your website by means other than the search tool.

How do I paste a button in a Word Press blog?
  1. Click Copy Clipboard from the Button editor.
  2. In Word Press, you may paste the snippet on a widget or a page. It is not recommended that you paste it as a blog entry, in the event your entry gets archived automatically by your Word Press tools. If the button cannot be found, your website will be de-listed!

To paste it on a page:

  1. Navigate to Pages, then select the page you want and click 'Edit'.
  2. Switch to Text mode, so you can see the HTML view.
  3. Place your mouse cursor where you want it to appear in the HTML, right click, and Paste. Or, hit Ctrl-V.
  4. If the snippet doesn't paste, switch back to the AdPtz button editor and copy it again.
  5. Update your page.
  6. Note, the Visual preview in Word Press will not draw the points or border. This will only appear while viewing the live page.

To paste it as a widget:

  1. Navigate to Appearance, then Widgets.
  2. Select a Text widget, and the sidebar or area you want it located. Click Add Widget.
  3. Place your mouse cursor in the Content, right click, and Paste. Or, hit Ctrl-V.
  4. If the snippet doesn't paste, switch back to the AdPtz button editor and copy it again.
  5. You can leave the Title blank, or enter something for your visitor such as 'Collect AdPtz!'.
  6. Click 'Save' on the widget you just created.
  7. You may drag the widget between sidebars and areas from the Widget editor. Be sure the button loads correctly, before un-suspending it.
How do I paste a button in a Yola website?

To paste an AdPtz button in a Yola website:

  1. After specifying all the fields, save the button you created in the Button Editor.
  2. Select the snippet by clicking your cursor in the snippet area and either use the right mouse button to 'Select All', and then Copy. Or, hit Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-C.
  3. Open your website editor in Yola.
  4. Select Widget -> Popular -> HTML.
  5. Position the HTML widget where you want your button to appear.
  6. Inside the text area of this widget, paste the snippet generated in AdPtz.
  7. Save.
  8. Publish.
I get the error 'OOPS! The Valid Domain field may only contain the route domain. Subfolders are not permitted as they cannot be securely verified.', even though the domain is correct! Slashes are not permitted in the domain, other than the 'http://' or 'https://'. This error can appear if your domain has an ending slash. Why isn't my button appearing in the search list?

There are many reasons this can happen. Namely:

  1. The button list is re-calculated every 2-4 hours. It can therefore take up to 4 hours after saving, before your button is even eligible to be searchable. This also gives you a little bit of time to manually visit your site and make sure everything is OK before you are listed. However, beware that if you saved immediately before a recalculation, your button will show up fairly quick on the list.
  2. Your button may be suspended. When you create a new button, it defaults to be suspended! The reason for this is to give you time to paste the script on your site, then later remove the suspension. This is a 4 step process: create button, paste button, verify the button looks OK, then remove the suspension. Once you take off the suspension, your button is searchable (and flaggable as a Bad Button too!)
  3. Your button may have errors, and been flagged as a Bad Link or Bad Button. Unfortunately, if this happens you need to create a new button. Be more careful in the future to make sure your buttons are easy to find, before activating them to the public!
  4. It might be there, but only you can't see it. If your AdVenturer account, for example, has no demographic details set (age, gender, etc), and you are targeting a specific demographic, you will never see it if you search.
  5. Your balance might be too low. At the time of recalculation, a minimum of 5 clicks must be available for your website to be searchable (ie, setting a limit of 100 points, and 25 points per click only yields 4 clicks, so such a button won't be searchable). Your button balance is limited not only by the button's budget, as well as your account balance too!
  6. It may have an expiry date set (that has passed), or only available in a region that is not your own. Verify the button's attributes are what you expect them to be.
  7. If no websites are appearing, your browser is likely not compatible.
  8. Please contact support if none of these reasons seem to apply to you. Please include details about the website you are trying to promote.
How come no one is clicking my buttons?

If your button criteria is too strict, it will vastly affect the number of visits you get. Try to loosen the restrictions to increase your brand awareness if you need traffic sooner than later. Some regions and demographics may have limited AdVenturers, so keep in mind that it will take longer to generate traffic if that's the case

In more competitive regions you may need to offer more points to attract more visitors. Remember, visitors can only collect a limited number of points per day, and if your website is offering the bare minimum, you may be getting constantly overlooked. That said, patience has its virtues too, since your competitors will, in theory, have limited budgets, in which case your button may be the best offer once again.

Your point credits will not expire, so have patience while AdPtz grows!

What do Bad Link, Bad Button and Bad Mobile mean?

A Bad Link means that when your button was listed in a search, after clicking the link, your website was not found. If this happens, users have the option of flagging this as a Bad Link. If you receive too many of these flags, your website will be filtered from list of available sites!

A Bad Button means that when the user visited your site, they couldn't find the points button. It can also mean other technical problems with the button, such as a mis-paste on the website where it resides, generating an error. In either case, it can result in the user flagging the issue. Similar to a Bad Link button, if you get too many reports of this, your website will be excluded from being searchable. However, keep in mind that if you reach your budget limit, or the button has other criteria that prohibits it from being found (such as a regional restriction), you need not worry about too many Bad Button reports, as these people shouldn't be able to find the button in the search in the first place.

A Bad Mobile means that your website didn't work well in a mobile device. This is not a critical flag, but some users will restrict their searches to exclude Bad Mobile sites, in the event they are using a mobile device.

How come my button doesn't fit where I put it?

There's a few reason's for this. First, make sure if you change the size of the button, that you update the code you paste on your webpage. Keep in mind that the button can take a few seconds to load, so if the container size isn't updated to the expected size, it will size incorrectly initially. Always keep the html/scripts updated on the page.

Currently, there is no stretch option for button height. In the case this is needed, it is recommended that a sub-container which is vertically aligned gets created in your page html. There are numerous examples on how to do this on the web.

Managing Credits How many Point Credits do I start with? In some cases, promotions may be available to start your account with free credits. See AdPtz prices if you wish to learn more about purchasing additional credits. How do I purchase more Point Credits? By logging into the Promoter Portal you can purchase more credits, as well as account upgrades, using PayPal. See AdPtz prices. Security How do I know the visitors are real people?

Well, how do you know a commercial, or other internet marketing services are getting viewed? The truth is, you don't, but with AdPtz, you have more certainty than other options on the market..


One concern is scripting, aka robots, that could be simulating a person. However, AdPtz uses CAPTCHA technology intermittently when an AdVenturer tries to collect a point. This ensures that a real person is at the helm, spending a few moments learning about your product. Be sure to offer them more 'per click' than you would other advertising systems, because you may be able to influence their opinions too, based on your generosity. ;)

Multiple Accounts

The other major concern, that AdPtz security addresses, is people who may own multiple accounts. It is a requirement that AdVenturers have a verified PayPal account in order to convert their points to cash. PayPal has a policy not to issue more than 1 account per person (unless one is a merchant account, in which case 2 are permitted, but hey merchants are premium customers!). AdPtz does not allow email address changes, in the event someone tries to use a legitimate PayPal account at cash out, while having used a fake one earlier.

Unintended Visitors

AdPtz also restricts access to AdVenturer accounts to designated regions. This greatly reduces the likelihood someone's account was being shared by someone outside of the intended market. The option to 'farm out' the account overseas simply cannot be done.

Manual Policing

Finally, AdPtz actively monitors 'unusual activity' with back-end programs, as well as manual spot checks. If any activity is against the Terms of Service, those accounts are immediately disabled.

If any other vulnerability is found, it gets dealt with as a top priority. Securing quality visitors is the top concern of AdPtz!

What if someone lets their kids earn AdPtz instead of the intended account owner?

This would be a violation of the Terms of Service, should any user ever admit to this in correspondence.

However, there is little else AdPtz can do about this scenario, other than recommend that you 'advertise accordingly'. Children are a market to consider too. Your money is not wasted here, but it may take a few years before your branding takes effect. Again, no marketing system is perfect. Relying on 'accident clicks' on other websites, or spam email that gets you black-listed, or commercials that PVR devices skip-over, have their limitations too.

Don't forget, not everyone has kids, so statistically speaking, this would be an uncommon 'targeting' problem.