How astute are your powers of observation? Spot the flags on these websites and get rewarded!
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The size and color of each flag will vary.
Rewards and flag styles are specified by website owners!
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AdVenture Game
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Aug 18, 2017 (UTC)
Fastest Times
Gold CML 00:45:22
Silver CLA 00:29:41
Bronze BB 00:05:03
Most Flags
CMN 59
Rod 58
SU 57
Fastest Times
Gold Rob 00:44:26
Silver Kar 00:24:48
Bronze SJB 00:04:47
Most Flags
Dan 80
GCC 80
RR 77
Fastest Times
Gold RT 00:42:57
Silver LA 00:24:37
Bronze KEI 00:04:37
Most Flags
SPY 82
Rod 82
SU 82
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25% or more
25% or more

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